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钓鱼台海鲜酒家成立于1995年,次年3月21日首家餐厅在列治文市三号路London Plaza旁开业,经过近十年的发展扩大和为了给新老顾客们提供更好的用餐体验,于2004年6月21日正式迁至时代坊三楼。我们现在位于列治文市最核心地带的时代坊购物中心内,这是一家集购物、饮食、娱乐为一体的大型购物商场。我们拥有便利的交通条件、充足的停车空间,地理位置十分优越。占地面积约8000尺,可同时容纳300人就餐。酒家所有区域都拥有明亮舒适的用餐环境,同时可以满足不同规模的婚礼及宴请需求。




Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant was established in March 21, 1996, at London Plaza in Richmond, BC. After ten years of excellence in the food industry, it was time to expand Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant. On June 21, 2004, Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant moved to Aberdeen Centre, which is located in the heart of Richmond, BC. Aberdeen Centre has a unique fusion of East meets West with all areas of your shopping, dining and entertainment needs. There are ample parking spaces available in Aberdeen Centre. There is also convenient public transportation surrounding the area. Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant has 8000 square feet, and can accommodate 300 people during lunch or dinner services. Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant is an excellent choice for everyday family gatherings, wedding banquets, birthdays and special events!


In 2006, Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant was mentioned on New York News, which helped spread our name globally. We have since welcomed many customers from USA, China & many other countries, as well. And of course, truly thankful for our local patrons who visit on a regular basis. It is with the utmost pride of our delicious food and beverage along with our wonderful customer service, that keeps our customers coming back. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority with Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant. 

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